Leveraging DeJarnette’s 30 years experience in medical imaging interface technology, xDL provides a fast, robust, reliable and highly scalable DICOM object archive that supports multiple, simultaneous storage platforms. xDL allows you to transparently assign primary storage locally and at the same time purchase disaster recovery storage from any number of cloud vendors. xDL effectively separates your clinical environment from your storage allowing you to keep pace with ever changing storage solutions from all the leading vendors, thereby reducing your cost. You can maximize your storage investment using xDL’s compression and clinical ILM technology. With xDL’s support for multiple patient identity domains, you can easily share images and reports with other facilities using shared storage or distributed storage within an XDS infrastructure.




  • xDL provides DICOM storage services for multiple storage platforms from any storage vendor
  • xDL supports encryption using sophisticated key management to ensure patient privacy
  • xDL supports image compression/decompression to reduce storage requirements of the archive
  • xDL ensures data integrity through the use of checksums
  • xDL provides DICOM query/retrieve services for the images and documents within the archive
  • xDL provides WADO services for the images and documents within the archive
  • xDL supports a wide range of diagnostic, enterprise viewers through DICOM or WADO
  • xDL supports pre-fetch by receiving HL7 order messages from a RIS and retrieving relevant studies and their reports from storage by processing its pre-fetch rules
  • xDL provides clinical ILM based on HL7 and DICOM information that includes a retention management applet
  • xDL provides enterprise-wide data sharing through DeJarnette’s Context Management* feature
  • xDL provides HL7 interfaces for storing diagnostic reports, handling orders, and managing patient updates that synchronize with the local PACS database
  • xDL provides outbound HL7 for synchronization with your EMR
  • xDL provides a secure (SSL) web-based administrative GUI for configuring and managing the application

System Requirements

  • xDL runs on a 64-bit Windows OS: Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2016
  • xDL runs on physical or virtual servers and supports high availability and business continuity architectures

* Context Management includes DICOM tag morphing and HL7 ORM pre-order messages to prepare the receiving PACS