DeJarnette Releases Entegra+

We here at DeJarnette Research Systems are proud to announce the release of Entegra+™ which uses XOE™ our XML Operating Environment. We designed Entegra+ to help healthcare organizations develop integrated DICOM and HL7 medical informatics solutions. Based on our more than 30 years experience with DICOM and HL7 interface technology, we believe Entegra+ is the first integrated toolkit solution to support both HL7 and DICOM equally well. Entegra+ with XOE has been in development for more than two years and is already deployed in a few early adopters’ clinical environments.

XOE™ is the work horse of the Entegra+ product suite. XOE uses XML as its common scripting language for solution development. It is possible to develop and deploy an application without knowing the details of either the DICOM or HL7 protocols. All such knowledge is managed by XOE. Some key features of XOE are:

  • HL7 primitives that allow developers to receive manipulate and send HL7 messages
  • DICOM primitives that allow developers to receive manipulate and send DICOM messages and requests
  • Database support for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL using ADO.Net
  • File I/O primitives that include read, write and append
  • Includes support for VBScript and JavaScript as well as .NET DLLs
  • Multi-threaded to support multiple applications on a single server

XOE supports multiple applications deployed as Windows services with the support of tools which are part of Entegra+ that help configure, manage, and view message activity of your applications. Steve Wineke, Project Engineer at DeJarnette and the lead engineer in the development of XOE claims that, “XOE provides a drastic improvement in the ability to develop, deploy and maintain a wide range of applications for medical informatics. It has excellent performance and broad protocol support.”

One of the early adopters of Entegra+ has nearly a dozen clinical interfaces implemented using XOE. The interfaces run the gamut from various information systems, modalities and multiple PACS. A solution of particular interest is the use of the tool to convert a CT modality’s X-ray Radiation Dose Structured Reports to HL7 and export the HL7 messages into the hospital’s information system (HIS).