Our Story

From its inception in 1986, DeJarnette Research Systems, Inc. has been known for technical innovation. In its early years, the company was among the industry leaders in driving standards, such as ACR-NEMA, DICOM, and HL7. Before the advent of DICOM, DeJarnette designed, developed, and manufactured its high  performance, robust, and widely used ACR-NEMA Medical Network Gateway known as ImageShare 910. Our SureNet assured delivery, "store and forward" with route failover capability, set the standard for early medical network gateway products. The U.S. military and Loral/Siemens selected DeJarnette's ImageShare 910 products as their preferred modality interfaces for MDIS deployment.

DeJarnette’s AN/API (ACR-NEMA Application Programmers Interface) was the first medical imaging software toolkit to support DICOM. With the release of the DICOM standard, we began to focus on deployment of this technology, realizing that a toolkit is not a solution, only a tool. One of our first applications in this market, ImageShare CR included  quality control workstation capabilities and took the industry by storm. ImageShare CR included the most highly developed network interface capabilities, an excellent QC application along with heretofore unheard of performance. With a single box solution, ImageShare CR replaced what had earlier required three boxes.

Over the last decade, DeJarnette anticipated the demand for data migration as hospitals began to deploy newer PACS and released MDIG, our Migration Gateway Toolkit. We applied our expertise in data conversion to ensure that migrated exams were not only received by the new PACS, but could be displayed correctly. DeJarnette next developed dyseCT, its CT workflow engine that automatically splits whole body CT exams into separate studies based on the RIS orders. Finally, DeJarnette invented the vendor-neutral archive market with its xDL (Cross-enterprise Document Librarian), again using our expertise in data conversion so that a PACS can successfully receive and display foreign exams, i.e., exams originally performed by other hospitals.

In 2019, as we enter into our 33rd year of operation, DeJarnette is excited to release Entegra+ with XOE, our flexible and easily configurable DICOM and HL7 interface engine. With its extensive product offerings, DeJarnette is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of image management workflow for all types of health care institutions. Our commitment to breakthrough applications remains the standard by which future products are being developed and deployed.

Towson Courthouse
Here’s a view that we enjoy in the spring. It’s the Towson, Maryland courthouse located across the street from our offices.