Unlimited Possibilities with Entegra+

unlimited possibilities

Entegra+ is an extremely flexible interface engine that provides unlimited possibilities. The core of Entegra+ is an XML processing engine that we call XOE (XML Operating Environment). You can write any number of individual applications that run on your computer – the applications run as Windows services. With Entegra+, you can build a wide variety of interfacing applications limited only by your messaging workflow. Download your free trial of Entegra+ and start imagining the possibilities.


  • HL7 primitives that allow you to receive, manipulate, and send HL7 messages
  • DICOM primitives that allow you to receive, manipulate, and send DICOM messages; DICOM primitives allow you to receive and construct DIMSE-C services: C-Echo, C-Find, C-Move C-Store and DIMSE-N services: N-Action, N-Create, N-Delete, N-Event-Report, N-Get and N-Set
  • Database support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and OleDB through ADO.Net. Support for other databases through ADO.Net to follow
  • File I/O primitives that include read file, write file and append to a file
  • Supports if, if else, else, lists and loop constructs
  • Supports multi-indexed lookup tables
  • Supports threading
  • Includes error handling similar to try-catch
  • Includes VBScript support
  • Includes JavaScript support
  • Includes .NET DLL support
  • Supports multiple, independent services
    • Start and stop individual services
    • Each service connects to a main XML configuration file
    • Upgrade all services or upgrade individual services one at a time

System Requirements:

  • Entegra+ runs on a 64-bit Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, or Windows Server 2022
  • Entegra+ runs on physical or virtual servers and supports high availability and business continuity architectures


Download your free trial of Entegra+ and start bridging the gaps in your workflow.