Bridge the Gaps in Your Workflow with Entegra+

XOE bridges the gap in your workflow

Entegra+ is a powerful interface engine that easily bridges the gaps in your workflow – whether DICOM or HL7. Entegra+ incorporates XOE our XML Operating Environment which provides HL7 and DICOM primitives that allow you to receive, manipulate and send messages from any source to any destination.

Download your free trial of Entegra+ and start bridging the gaps in your workflow.


  • HL7 primitives that allow you to receive, manipulate, and send HL7 messages
  • DICOM primitives that allow you to receive, manipulate, and send DICOM messages; DICOM primitives allow you to receive and construct DIMSE-C services: C-Echo, C-Find, C-Move C-Store and DIMSE-N services: N-Action, N-Create, N-Delete, N-Event-Report, N-Get and N-Set
  • Database support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and OleDB through ADO.Net. Support for other databases through ADO.Net to follow
  • File I/O primitives that include read file, write file and append to a file
  • Supports if, if else, else, lists and loop constructs
  • Supports multi-indexed lookup tables
  • Supports threading
  • Includes error handling similar to try-catch
  • Includes VBScript support
  • Includes JavaScript support
  • Includes .NET DLL support
  • Supports multiple, independent services
    • Start and stop individual services
    • Each service connects to a main XML configuration file
    • Upgrade all services or upgrade individual services one at a time

System Requirements:

  • Entegra+ runs on a 64-bit Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, or Windows Server 2022
  • Entegra+ runs on physical or virtual servers and supports high availability and business continuity architectures